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Living spontaneously usually includes making a mess or two. Luckily, Shout® stain-removing solutions can show you the best way to remove any stain, like blood, red wine, oil, and grease. Just answer the questions below to find a solution.

Shout®Stain Solutions

See how to remove stains with advice from Shout.

Solve Lubricating Oil/Motor Oil Stains At Home with Shout® Advanced Grease Busting Aerosol

Shout® Advanced Grease Busting Foam is the best product for this type of stain, but our other products will work as your next-best option.

Step 1.

Blot any excess and check the label. Make sure your garment is colorfast and washable and says nothing about being “dry-clean only.” If the item meets both of those requirements, you’re ready for Step 2.

Step 2.

Pretreat the stain with Shout® Advanced Grease Busting Foam or one of the other recommended products. Be sure to rub it in for deep penetration.

Step 3.

Show some patience, but not too much. You should only wait 1-5 minutes before washing your stain in the warmest water your item recommends. It would be a bad idea for your clothes to let Shout® Advanced Grease Busting Foam dry before the wash.

Shout® Pro Tip. If stain is lightened but not removed, repeat the same steps above. Or if the garment is bleachable, you may re-launder with bleach and detergent.

Shout® Warning. If you’re using Shout® Advanced Ultra Concentrated Gel Brush on bright, khaki, or fluorescent colored clothes, do not let the product sit for longer than a few minutes.

Shout Stain Lab - Motor Oil

We asked our Facebook fans what stain they wanted to see our Stain Lab conquer, and Motor Oil won by a landslide! Be sure to check out Shout's Stain removing solutions at for easy solutions to all your tough stains.

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